About Us


IVANNOVATION, LLC provides multilingual and multicultural solutions. Our services include translation, software and web localization, and consulting. TRANSLATION: Whether you need to translate a technical manual, an MSDS document, a CAD drawing, a contract, or a catalog, we can help. Our translators are not simply bilingual, they are native-speakers with years of specialized training and are able to recreate the source content as if it had been originally written in the target language. LOCALIZATION: We have established ourselves as a localization provider for ERP, software, web sites, documentation, online help systems, e-learning systems. They all have localizable content which we will extract, process and reintegrate back into the source product. CONSULTING: You may already be engaged in translation and localization, but wonder why your costs are so high or something may not just seem right. Ask us to analyze your process and we will strive to offer you an efficient, cost-effective solution.

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