Reasonable Cost of Living

With a cost of living near the national average, the Charleston region offers an affordable cost of living – especially when compared to other fast-growing communities.

Cost Of Living

U.S. MetroCost of Living Index
Atlanta GA 98.7
Austin TX 96.7
Boston MA 148.1
Charleston SC 104.0
Charlotte NC 94.8
Denver CO 110.4
Jacksonville FL95.8
Miami-Dade FL111.0
Nashville-Murfreesboro TN95.5
New York (Manhattan) NY228.2
Raleigh NC94.4
San Diego CA 144.4
Seattle WA145.1
U.S. Average100.0
Source: C2ER Cost of Living Index, 2016 annual average,

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Lower Taxes

Residents benefit from property, sales and use, individual and corporate income taxes all significantly lower than the national average.

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