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Jazz + Charleston = BFF

Last week, Charleston lost Jack McCray, a truly nice man who was also one of the coolest cats around. A longtime copy editor at the local daily, Jack had more recently risen to his rightful place as our local King of Jazz and cofounded the Jazz Artists of Charleston. An author of a book about Jazz in Charleston, he helped shine a light on the city’s rich musical history. Thanks to Jack, people now know of the Jenkins Orphanage, which for decades handed instruments to children, taught them to play, and fomented a jazz revolution throughout the Lowcountry and beyond. He reminded all of the legacy of Freddie Green, the great jazz rhythm guitarist, and the beautiful colors of the Holy City’s musical spectrum. But he also set his sites on the future, ardently supporting young artists and encouraging a vibrant live, local music scene. At 64, he went too soon. But he was bid adieu in style:        


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