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Opportunity Next, Now

It takes time to move a needle – especially one that’s tracking numerous facets of a regional economy. By the…

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Charleston Region Becoming Heavyweight in Technology Field

The Tech waters are warming up in the three-county region, which some pundits have dubbed Silicon Harbor. A recent article…

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Robots and Rebooted Approaches to Learning

If a robot can shoot hoops as well as LeBron, will kids begin to see math and science as “cool?”…

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Colleges Help Regions Make the Grade

Just a generation or two ago, the entire College of Charleston student body could convene in one building. Today, more…

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Music to Our Ears

The concept of Brain Drain has been much discussed over the decades, with most of the focus aimed at the…

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Aerospace: A Soaring Sector

Boeing recently opened its new Charleston-area  interiors plant, and invited area leaders to tour its solar panel-covered exterior. Both events…

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Benchmarking Israeli Tech Success

Learning from successful communities is a hallmark of this region’s economic development efforts. And sometimes leading innovators are found in…

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Goose Creek Kids Its Way to #1

Good schools – like Sedgefield Elementary – helped Goose Creek rank as SC’s best place to raise children for the second…

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The Global Economy Weaves Region In its Web

  Acting regionally, thinking globally. Investing in vocational education and infrastructure. These are among the things geostrategist and author Parag…

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