Charleston Food Truck Revolution

Austin, Portland and Los Angeles are known for food trucks, which often serve gourmet and ethnic specialities. Food trucks across the country utilize social media to post their specials and locations. There’s even a show on Food Network called “The Great Food Truck Race.”

Charleston entrepreneurs are jumping on the food truck bandwagon, and Charleston locals and visitors are greeting them with open arms and empty stomachs.

There is a slight difference between Charleston and other truck-hungry cities–food trucks here usually have to park on private property, so they don’t roam around as in other cities. A current solution has involved food truck rodeos hosted at Remedy Mart and Park Circle. Organizer Charleston Food Truck Federation was formed to help the trucks work together and ease operating restrictions.

Most food trucks in Charleston take pride in creating menu items using local produce, from ice cream made with fresh, seasonal produce to unique flavor combinations of doughnuts. Diggity Doughnuts even has caught the interest of the Food Network for its vegan peanut butter and sriracha doughnut.

Check out the links below to find out what they’re serving and where to find them!

Have you found a delicious food truck that isn’t listed above? Please share any tips and favorite dishes you’ve snagged from food trucks.

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