Charleston’s Second Tech Incubator Opens

In the summer of 2009, the city of Charleston decided to transform an empty commercial building into an incubator for tech businesses. The original incubator, dubbed Flagship, offered small, yet affordable office space to knowledge-based start-ups. Two years later, Flagship 2 (78 Alexander St.) is officially open for business.

The newly remodeled, 13,700-square-foot building is adjacent to Flagship at the corner of East Bay and Calhoun Streets. Most of the 17 offices are already filled at Flagship 2, but there are several diffences between the two spaces:

  • Flagship 2 was designed for businesses past the start-up stage; whereas, Flagship 1 was intended for businesses in the launch phase
  • Longer leases are available with Flagship 2 (one-year leases only with Flagship 1)
  • Flagship 2’s office space is larger (300-3,000 square feet versus 75-150 square feet at Flagship 1), with room for the tenants to grow and add employees

The overarching goal of both Flagships is to give tech businesses office space downtown, connect owners and employees to business resources and encourage business and economic growth in the community.

To find out more about both, read Charleston Regional Business Journal’s original article, and the most recent story.

Learn more about the Flagship in the video below:

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