At Launch Pad, the Focus is on the Local Community

Huffington Post
Brian Kil
January 22, 2016


Why was Charleston your latest move?

Charleston is a wonderful place to live, and it’s booming. We are deliberately targeting quality of life cities, where people are choosing to live, and bringing their jobs and businesses with them. These markets have similar challenges, and need to be connected to the Bay Area and New York, and we can do that through the Launch Pad network. Charleston has deep culinary and cultural traditions, it’s a beautiful city, and it is well connected to New York, with a lot of people splitting time there. That sets up well for the success of Launch Pad. When a city is undergoing a population growth, and many people moving in aren’t natives, Launch Pad can serve as the “ellis island” of the community, helping people to establish business and social ties. We’ve done that in New Orleans successfully, and are excited to become part of the Charleston community.

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