ATI Awarded Superior Weapons Systems through Castings Contract

SCRA Press Release
May 6, 2010

ATI, an SCRA affiliate, announces that Benet Labs has awarded ATI a three-year, $5.2M contract, Superior Weapons Systems through Castings (SWC), to support the U.S. Army’s requirement for higher performance and lighter weight components for current and future weapons systems.

SWC is part of the American Metalcasting Consortium (AMC), which consists of the four leading metalcasting industry associations and their members, the nation’s top academic metalcasting research universities, and ATI as the program manger and consortium leader. AMC’s mission is to develop and apply new technologies and processes to rapidly deliver high quality, cost-effective cast parts to support the U.S. warfighter.

The SWC program will develop more suitable materials for service conditions; enhance the processes and geometries of critical parts; improve the casting industry’s predictive tools; and redesign existing components to capture the advantages of castings. Working closely with the U.S. Army, this unique partnership of industry, government, and academia ensures that results are rapidly integrated into industry.

“The Superior Weapons Systems through Castings program will develop and incorporate innovative casting technologies and processes for improvements in quality, weight savings, and procurement times to improve the performance of Army systems,” said Rick Self, ATI President.

“The Superior Weapons Systems through Castings program exemplifies the strong industry, government and academic teams which ATI routinely forms to deliver technology-based solutions. ATI continues to deliver assured outcomes for the U.S. Army, improving national capabilities and increasing military efficiency,” said Bill Mahoney, SCRA CEO.

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About ATI
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