The Best Places to Work in Manufacturing

October 12, 2016

To find the best places to work in manufacturing SmartAsset looked at 389 different statistical areas and compared them on six metrics. SmartAsset looked at one-year employment growth, five-year employment growth, one-year income growth, five-year income growth, the ratio of manufacturing workers to the total worker population and income left over after housing costs. To get a better idea where we got our data and how we came up with the final index, read the methodology HERE.

2. Charleston-North Charleston, SC

Charleston-North Charleston is one of the more diverse working areas to crack the top 10. In fact only 9.7% of workers in the Charleston-North Charleston area work in manufacturing. But that figure may be changing in the near future. Our data shows that in the period from 2009-2014 there was an increase of 29% in manufacturing jobs. Wages followed suit, growing 26% over the same time period. Companies like Honeywell and Ingevity operate in the Charleston-North Charleston area.

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