Boeing South Carolina confident with rate increase, 787-10 on horizon

The Post & Courier
David Wren
February 21, 2016


Boeing South Carolina has been through this kind of thing before — the introduction of a new version of its popular 787 Dreamliner coupled with an increase in monthly production rates.

Beverly Wyse, vice president and general manager, is confident the transition will be easier this time around.

“We expect this to go through comparatively smoothly,” Wyse said last week, referring to Boeing’s production increase to 12 Dreamliners per month, just before the first 787-10 — also known as the Dash-10 — starts making its way through the final assembly process in North Charleston.

“We’re feeling very good about our rate increase,” Wyse said. “As always, there may be issues along the way so we include buffer in our schedules so that we are able to accommodate them. We’re monitoring and working closely with the supply chain as we go through that.”

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