Charleston named on MarketWatch list of top 50 best cities in which to do business

Charleston Regional Business Journal
January 4, 2010

An analysis by a Dow Jones financial markets publisher has put Charleston in the Top 50 best cities in which to do business.

MarketWatch scored the nation’s 101 largest metropolitan areas — those with 500,000 or more people — using 10 metrics, including five that measured companies per capita and five that looked at economic stability, including employment, growth and gross domestic product.

South Carolina’s major markets were in the middle third of the list:

Charleston ranked 47.
Columbia ranked 56.
Greenville ranked 67.

The three best places for business were:
Des Moines, Iowa
Washington, D.C.
Omaha, Neb.

The bottom of the list included:
Scranton, Pa., at 99.
Fresno, Calif., at 100.
Youngstown, Ohio, at 101.

See the entire list and scores from MarketWatch online.

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