Charleston, SC: Where Great Minds Are Moving to Live, Work and Play
Mindy Taylor
December 1, 2015

A lesser-known distinction is Charleston’s more recent transformation into a thriving technology and innovation hub, with new companies and entrepreneurs relocating to the region at an accelerated rate. In an area where exceptional schools, competitive salaries and a reasonable cost of living are the standard, a growing number of established businesses, talented professionals and venture capital firms are relocating to the Lowcountry and capitalizing on its unprecedented lifestyle and opportunity.

To support this growth, Charleston has been actively building a strategic infrastructure centered around residential and commercial development. The abundance of coworking spaces filled with tech startups is attracting talented professionals from around the country—so much so that the local tech and venture capital community commonly refers to the city as “Silicon Harbor.”

What makes Charleston the jewel of the East Coast is not only the opportunities it provides, but how it provides them. Charleston is a haven for those who wish to balance quality of life with opportunities for success. On a typical day, you might find professionals working from their boats or biking down King Street on their way to client meetings.

Professionals not only reap the rewards of success, but are able to do so with an element of ease uncommon in any other region in the country. Life is just different in Charleston, and out-of-towners are starting
to take notice.

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