Logistics, distribution company opens in Ladson

Charleston Regional Business Journal
October 10, 2011

Company officials opened Thursday a logistics facility that specializes in quality control and warehousing for primarily automotive parts.

Mesco provides storage, inspections and labeling for parts and crates, among other services.

The majority of shipments come to Mesco from India, said Rob Zdenek, a warehouse manager for Mesco, which is located on U.S. Highway 78.

The company takes shipments of engine parts and other suppliers, checks their quality and repackages them for regional companies like Navistar, Cummins and WABCO.

Zdenek said the Ladson facility has a better setup for inspections and quality control work, a new area of focus for Mesco.

He said shipping costs are too expensive for customers to send defective parts back to the supplier, so Mesco works with its customers to fix the parts. Quality control workers work on those parts inside Mesco’s warehouse in a section designated for quality control. For example, Zdenek said employees had straightened bent brackets that arrived to South Carolina damaged so that the parts could be used.

Zdenek said 90% of the goods stored and checked at Mesco come from the Port of Charleston, while about 10% fly into the Lowcountry.

Mesco brings between 40 to 50 shipping containers each month.

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