MUSC gets 1 of 3 high-tech programs

The State
June 14, 2010

The S.C. Centers of Economic Excellence said last week that it created three new high-tech programs at three state universities, including one in Charleston.

The centers aim to spur startup businesses. Funding comes from state lottery proceeds.

Universities must match state money with private funds or federal grants.

Since 2002, 49 centers have been created with 30 chairs appointed to lead them. The latest centers, which received $11 million in state money, are:

–Inflammation and Fibrosis Research (Medical University of South Carolina): The center will focus on developing new therapies for inflammatory and excessive fibrous tissue conditions. The conditions can lead to lupus, cystic fibrosis and scleroderma.

–Data Analysis, Simulation, Imaging and Visualization (USC): The center looks to make large amounts of data understandable and usable from equipment, such as electron microscopes, satellites and supercomputers.

–Sustainable Development (Clemson University): The program will examine using engineering and computer technology to reduce damage from development on natural resources. Central to the center is Clemson’s Intelligent River project, in which sensors placed along the Savannah River transmit water quality and other data.

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