NanoScreen announces the release of the V30 disposable tip

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January 16, 2009

NanoScreen, LLC, a global industry leader in fluid dispensing products, announces the release of its new V30 disposable tip. The V30 is compatible with Velocity 11’s VPrepTM and BravoTM 384 channel liquid handling systems. Sample racks of the new V30 tip will be available at LabAutomation in Palm Springs on January 25, 2009.

The new tip presents a high quality, cost effective solution for consumables for the Velocity 11 systems. As with all NanoScreen disposable tips, the V30 is a low liquid retention tip made of 100% polypropylene and free of chemical additives and releasing agents. The tips are static free and manufactured with the strictest quality control procedures. NanoScreen guarantees the V30 to be 1536 compatible and to offer a level of liquid handling performance that will meet or exceed that of the original manufacturer.

“The quality, performance and cost effectiveness of this new tip will be a great addition to NanoScreen’s current line of P30 and 1536 tip arrays,” said Daniel Dechert, NanoScreen’s Chief Executive Officer. “The V30 tip represents the first in a line of high quality consumables NanoScreen will be releasing in 2009. NanoScreen was founded on the production of high quality disposable tips for 384 and 1536 plate work.”

“The new tip will offer users of Velocity11’s equipment an alternative source for certified, static free tips for the 384 dispense head,” said Peter Hutchings, NanoScreen’s Director of Global Sales.

VPrepTM and BravoTM are trademarks of Agilent Technologies (Velocity11) of Menlo Park, CA.

About NanoScreen:
NanoScreen, LLC is a leading developer and manufacturer of pipetting platforms and automated liquid
handling consumables used in pharmaceutical R&D laboratories worldwide. NanoScreen’s core
competency is the manufacturing and validation of multi-channel dispensing units and the accompanying
disposable pipette tips. NanoScreen’s customers include many of the major Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and
Research Institutes. For more information about NanoScreen, visit .

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