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Nanoscreen unveils new tool to advance research & development in the pharmaceutical industry

Sep. 1, 2005
Swamp Fox
CHARLESTON, SC, SEPTEMBER 29, 2005: NanoScreen, LLC., located in Charleston,SC, introduced a 1,536 channel air displacement syringe head to the pharmaceutical community at the Society for Biomolecular Screening’s (SBS) 11th Annual Conference & Exhibition held in Geneva, Switzerland September 12th-14th. The NSX-1536 head is the first of its kind in the world. Constructed entirely of titanium, the NanoScreen head packs 1,536 microsyringes into an area of just 3.5 inches by 5 inches. A marvel of engineering and precision machining, the NSX-1536 represents a breakthrough for the Drug Discovery community. When fitted with NanoScreen’s disposable polypropylene pipette tips, the high density syringe head allows researchers to simultaneously, and precisely transfer 1,536 discrete amounts of test samples from one location to another. Handling volumes as low as 200 nanoliters (nL), the NSX-1536 will allow pharmaceutical and biotech researchers to cut costs by reducing reagent use and quadrupling testing throughput.

Targeted at the High Throughput Screening (HTS) sector of the pharmaceutical industry, the NSX-1536 is compatible with many of the most common laboratory robots available. Until now, most of the liquid handling robots were limited to working in 96 and 384 channel densities. With many HTS labs now typically testing hundreds of thousands of compounds daily, moving to 1536 will allow them to achieve a much greater level of efficiency and throughput. This translates directly into cost reductions and an increase in the rate of new drug candidates entering the pipeline. The NSX-1536, with its remarkable low volume precision and accuracy, represents the ‘missing link’ that will now allow researchers to move confidently into the highly demanding 1536 format.

“We had an overwhelmingly positive response from the SBS conference attendees. I think we startled a lot of people. The belief in the industry was that such a thing couldn’t be done”, said CSO Imad Mansour, adding that even competitors were visiting the booth to view the manufacturing marvel. NanoScreen, LLC plans to exhibit the 1536 head at the upcoming Lab Automation show in Palm Springs, CA.

NanoScreen, LLC. specializes in pipetting products and services for the Life Sciences market. For further information, contact
Noelle Webb at (843) 881-8841.
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