Meat Share; Like Community Supported Agriculture But Meat

Cypress has long been regarded as one of the best restaurants in town for charcuterie, but now Executive Chef Craig Deihl has taken this appreciation of meat to a whole new level. Deihl has been breaking down whole animals to produce salami, sopressata, coppa and many other cured meats for the Cypress menu, but now he is sharing the meat love for people to enjoy in their own homes.

Deihl has launched an annual Artisan Meat Share program, where 100 shareholders will receive a box of cured meat four times per year. What will the shareholders receive? According to Deihl’s blog:

You can expect to see assorted salumi’s such as Genoa, Lardo, Tuscan, Tessa, Bresaola, Sopressata, Spanish Chorizo, Milano, and Coppa.  We will also be featuring products such as ham, bacon, tasso, andouille sausage, lamb bacon, pork rilletes and lard biscuits.  We also have some cured hams that are almost a full year old, we would like to hold onto them for another ten months.  We are currently working on smoked beef jerky and a Chinese sausage known as  lap chong.

The shares are limited, so call 843-937-4012 ext. 265 to reserve yours before they run out.

Deihl’s blog is still in the beginning stages, but a recent post on breaking down an American Guinea Hog is quite interested.

Want to get a behind-the-scenes look at the cured meat process at Cypress? Take the Culinary Tours of Charleston’s Kitchen Tour and experience first-hand how the meat is transformed to whole animal to a tasty treat on your plate. I can personally say, I was so inspired by my kitchen tour, I went to Cypress the next night!

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