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Kiawah Partners / South Street Partners

Kiawah Partners purchased Kiawah Island in 1988. Deciding to focus on the Island's overall development, rather than the day-to-day operation of a resort, Kiawah Partners sold the resort amenities the following year. That separate company, now known as Kiawah Island Golf Resort, opened in 2004, The Sanctuary, a luxury oceanfront hotel, featuring 255 rooms as well as dining, conference, and recreation facilities, including a spa, fitness center, and indoor and outdoor pools. Kiawah's overall development plan remains the model for conservation, enhancement of open space, and preservation of the Island's environmental integrity. It incorporates substantial ocean setbacks to protect the dunes, plus a comprehensive greenbelt system that includes 305 acres of lakes and ponds, 123 acres of parks and common land, and nearly 5,000 acres of marshland. In May 2013, Kiawah Partners was sold to South Street Partners who retained all of the development staff and have kept the original Kiawah Partners vision intact. Kiawah Island is home to some 4,100 residential properties and a world-class resort. The island accommodates more than 400,000 visitors annually.

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