About Us

GEL Engineering, LLC

Operating a highly regulated industrial process? Redeveloping an environmentally compromised property? Developing a complex industrial site? Conserving a natural landscape? Call on GEL We differentiate our firm by providing operating industries with regulatory compliance, sampling, and reporting for air water and waste in all media. We provide Industrial Hygiene, Health and Safety consulting. GEL can deploy scientists, professionals, field technicians and field services equipment to identify environmental issues, address environmental concerns, restore sites to productive use, and reduce long-term risk. GEL Civil Engineering provides experience and technical capabilities to help our clients through the site development process. We are particularly focused on industrial, manufacturing and redevelopment sites that are complex in nature. GEL Engineering offers a full range of human and autonomous surveying services; land, boundary, ALTA surveying, heavy construction layout, hydrographic and side scan sonar. GEL works with large tract landowners and purchasers and the land conservation community to assess, protect and set-aside critically important land.

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