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The Charleston region is an ideal location for developing, testing, and launching new power system technologies. Competitive advantages include: university-based research; engineering and supercomputing capabilities; a strong existing manufacturing cluster; renewable energy industry; and a deepwater port. Clemson University’s Energy Campus is the hub of drivetrain and power systems technologies for the Charleston region.

The continued development of the region’s aerospace industry will provide complementary and non-competing capabilities in composites, logistics, electronics, and other related areas.


$45 million

Largest Single Grant Ever for Wind Power by the U.S. Dept. of Energy


World’s Most Advanced
Drivetrain Testing Facility


Economic Development Engine with Potential Impact for Decades

Source: Clemson University Restoration Institute

Shaping the Future of Energy

Clemson University’s Dominion Energy Innovation Center

Home to the world’s most advanced drivetrain testing facility capable of full-scale highly accelerated mechanical and electrical testing of advanced drivetrain systems for wind turbines, marine, and automotive industries. It can simultaneously test on its 7.5 MW and 15 MW rigs.

The site offers multiple on-site logistics capabilities: rail and road access, a max crane capacity of 750 tons at dock, and on-site mobile heavy lifting, in addition to all facilities at the adjacent deepwater Port of Charleston.

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

The Duke Energy eGRID

The Electrical Grid Research Innovation and Development (eGRID) Center is housed in the SCE&G Energy Innovation Center. The 15-megawatt hardware-in-the-loop grid simulator supports education, research, and economic development to speed new electrical technologies to market. The eGRID can simulate the electrical grid of any country in the world. It mimics real world conditions such as power outages, voltage drops, and physical attacks.

These next gen technologies will play a central role in shaping the world’s energy future. They are co-located on Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI) campus in North Charleston.

Ralph H. Johnson V.A. Medical Center

Zucker Family Graduate Education Center

This Graduate Education Center fosters collaboration and innovation in a place where students, university faculty and staff, and private industry will interact on a daily basis to further advance the next generation of power systems. The latest industries, from composite materials and energy systems to advanced computing and microscopy, engage in public-private partnerships to accelerate innovations to market.

More information on local and state educational institutions, can be found in Higher Education and Workforce.

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