ESG criteria are a set of standards used to measure the sustainability and societal impact of a company or organization. Many employees want to be associated with companies making a positive impact on society and the environment. These select examples of ESG initiatives in Charleston demonstrate the leadership and commitment from our community’s public and private sectors.

Click here for an overview of electric vehicles, energy, and climate solutions.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

in Charleston


Some of Charleston’s largest employers are implementing strategies to address environmental sustainability in the region. Click here for an overview of electric vehicles, energy, and climate solutions.

  • Sustain SC - Connecting the sustainability goals of business in South Carolina with local natural resource solutions for the benefit of our economy, environment, and people. Offers a Corporate Membership Network.
  • SC Recycling Markets Directory – Helps manufacturers keep valuable materials in motion by reducing waste and helping businesses meet sustainability goals.
  • City of Charleston’s Office of Resiliency and Sustainability – Includes Climate Action Plan, flooding and sea level rise strategies, green business challenge, and more.


Employers in the United States must follow the applicable laws pertaining to equal opportunity employment and non-discrimination.

A 2020 report by global consulting firm Ernst & Young shows communities with higher levels of racial inclusivity enjoy greater levels of employment growth. When more people have access to quality education, good jobs, and business opportunities, local economies grow faster, stronger, and for longer periods of time.

CRDA is proud to partner with area organizations to lead the development of One Region Roadmap: Opportunities for All. The Roadmap will identify barriers to expanding our regional economy and providing residents with opportunities for economic mobility. It will have an intentional focus on inclusivity and will serve as a blueprint for continuing the economic momentum our region has built over the last 10 years while eliminating disparities and creating opportunities for all residents to thrive.

Many businesses have chosen to implement their own programs to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Here are two resources to help you foster DEI within your own organization:

Here are a few Charleston area organizations implementing DEI programs:

Corporate Governance

Charleston Regional Development Alliance is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer that is committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

CRDA follows all local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to equal opportunity. These laws and regulations pertain to employment issues such as:

  • Workplace safety and health
  • Standards for wages
  • Protection for employees based on statuses such as age, ethnic origin, immigration status, gender, and more

For more information on the laws and regulations that businesses in the United States and South Carolina must follow, visit the State of South Carolina’s website and the United States Department of Labor’s summary of major labor laws.

Company Spotlight

Good Growth Capital is a majority women- and minority-owned early stage venture capital firm headquartered in Charleston that meets all ESG impact metrics and is known for its expertise in cultivating complex science and technology startups.

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