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Charleston Is A Talent Magnet

Fast emerging as a tech hub, Charleston offers a great place to do business, to innovate, get inspired, grow your skills, and be successful. It’s why 30+ people move here each day, and why our labor pool has grown 3 times faster than the U.S. average since 2010. Here, you can have a surfing lunch, do bleeding edge work, and know career success in an environment that continually inspires you. Come be part of the energy and excitement of a region on the rise.

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Extensive Military Talent

High-tech systems and installations developed by the U.S. military often find a home in private industry. As such, Charleston sustains strong, innovative software development and information technology industries, and a talent pool of 18,000+ ex-military, civilian and government employees, many with high-level security clearances.

Military Sector

Continuing Education

Charleston offers a host of advanced computer science, engineering degrees, and coding programs for talent to continue growing their skills. We are nurturing innovation and addressing skills gaps with 45,000+ students enrolled in area colleges and universities. And our world-class lifestyle ensures we can successfully recruit the talent companies need to succeed.


Resources & Support

A spirit of collaboration sets Charleston’s tech community apart. It’s welcoming. We want you to succeed. Our top tech leaders are always willing to collaborate, contemplate, cooperate and are committed to pushing the industry forward. Charleston offers an extensive network of support and resources for both startups and established companies.

Entrepreneurial Resources

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