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Diverse companies – from startups to multinational corporations – continue to relocate and expand existing operations in the Charleston region.

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CRDA-Facilitated Projects


Belk Charleston Regional Office

December 5, 1995

Jobs: 200
Investment: $12.0 Million

Regional headquarters and distribution facility

One of the largest department store chains in the Southeast, Belk is consolidating its regional sales support, administrative offices and distribution operation in two new Berkeley County facilities. The firm plans a 25,000 square foot office center and a 160,000 square foot shipping and receiving complex.

Lauscha Fiber International (formerly Fibron International Corp.)

November 30, 1995

Jobs: 100
Investment: $18.0 Million

Glass microfiber manufacturing and distribution facility

Lauscha is one of only three state-of-the-art specialty glass microfiber manufacturers in the world. The firm plans a 34,000 square foot production facility in the Summerville area, and the plant is slated to double in size within the next five years.

IndChem, Inc.

November 1, 1995

Jobs: 15
Investment: $.5 Million

Industrial chemical distribution

An industrial chemical processor and distributor with facilities in Savannah and Augusta, Georgia, IndChem is renovating a 10,000 square foot building in North Charleston to serve Lowcountry-try customers like Bayer, Westvaco and Amoco.

BoatLife, Inc.

November 1, 1995

Jobs: 28
Investment: $1.0 Million

Chemical manufacturing

A rapidly growing chemical manufacturing firm in the boating industry, BoatLife is renovating an existing 25,000 square foot plant in North Charleston for producing teak cleaners, sealants and caulking materials.

Huntco Steel

October 26, 1995

Jobs: 30
Investment: $8.0 Million

Intermediate steel processor

With over 1,000 customers in the South and Midwest, Huntco is a major intermediate metals processor specializing in flat rolled carbon steel. Their new Berkeley County facility will handle manufacturing and distribution. Headquarters are located in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Heartland Industries, Inc.

October 10, 1995

Jobs: 50
Investment: $2.0 Million

Manufacture, distribute, & install wooden storage buildings & garages

Serving clients like Sears and Home Depot, Heartland produces a line of backyard wooden storage buildings and garages. Their new Dorchester County facility will handle manufacturing as well as distribution, and plans call for continued expansion in coming years.

Datatronic, Inc.

October 5, 1995

Jobs: 75
Investment: $.15 Million

Production of wire harnesses & electrical cables for manufacturers of material handling equipment; also corporate office function.

To serve its manufacturing customers in the material handling equipment industry, Datatronic leased a 2,200 square foot Dorchester County manufacturing facility for the production of wire harnesses. The plant will expand in coming years to produce items for the boating, agricultural, electronic and appliance industries.


August 15, 1995

Jobs: 300
Investment: $10.0 Million

Manufacturing, distribution, corporate headquarters for decorative lighting products

Quoizel has been a maker of high-quality decorative lighting products since 1930, and today the company is one of the industry's largest and fastest growing. They are consolidating three New York plants into a single, new 300,000 square foot facility in Goose Creek.

Hubner Rubber and Plastic

August 11, 1995

Jobs: 30
Investment: $5.0 Million

Manufacturing of bellows flexible accordion-shaped systems

Headquartered in Kassel, Germany, Hubner is building a 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility to build a variety of specialized parts for the transportation and agricultural industries. Using proprietary injection molding technology, the facility's primary product is a line of bellows - flexible accordion-shaped systems that connect subway cars, buses and jetways.

ZAPP USA (formerly American Precision Steel)

July 20, 1995

Jobs: 120
Investment: $30.0 Million

Manufacturing and distribution for cold reduction processing of steel and metals

A major national metals processor, APS is buying and renovating an existing 119,000 square foot building in Dorchester County for cold reduction processing of steel and other metals for applications in the medical, automotive and textile industries.

Maxcess Technologies, Inc.

July 13, 1995

Jobs: 50
Investment: $3.0 Million

Manufacturing and distribution of access floor systems and rolled formed strut

In addition to rolled-formed strut and other advanced building products, Maxcess Technologies produces "access" floor systems used in computer rooms, clean rooms and high-tech offices. They are building a new 65,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center on a ten-acre site in Dorchester County.

Westinghouse Energy Services Div.

May 17, 1995

Jobs: 10
Investment: $2.0 Million

Manufacturing & assembly of portable rooms for combustion turbine power plants

After renovation of an existing 20,000 square foot building in St. George, this division will manufacture and assemble portable rooms for combustion turbine power plants and stations.

Per-Se Technologies, Inc. (Formerly Medaphis Physician Services)

May 16, 1995

Jobs: 400
Investment: $10.0 Million

Medical bill processing center

Medaphis (headquartered in Atlanta, GA) is the nation's premier provider of comprehensive business management services for physician practices. To establish a regional processing center, the firm is expanding its North Charleston office through acquisition of the 155,000 square foot Rivers Park Mall.

Global Manufacturing

May 5, 1995

Jobs: 150
Investment: $1.5 Million

Global mining supply & technology

WESTECH, the parent company of Global Manufacturing (headquartered in Casper, WY), announced plans to convert an 80,000 square foot Ladson-area building into a fabrication facility for their mining and off-road industry products.

US Postal Encoding Center

May 1, 1995

Jobs: 450
Investment: $1.0 Million

Mail encoding/distribution center

After a five-month selection process, the U.S. Post Office chose the tri-county area for a data entry and processing operation to identify and track mail that has not been fully "read" by local postal areas. The facility will occupy a renovated 15,000 square foot building on the former Naval base in North Charleston.

Amoco Chemical

April 26, 1995

Jobs: 100
Investment: $300 Million

Chemical plant expansion

This international chemical giant is expanding its existing Cooper River plant to add a second manufacturing unit for the production of purified terephthalic acid (PTA). The Charleston area successfully competed for this project against a site in Alabama. Amoco's headquarters is located in Chicago, IL.

The Sentinel Group

April 20, 1995

Jobs: 50
Investment: $5.0 Million

Auto glass distribution center

Operated by the largest U.S. importer of auto replacement and flat glass, Sentinel Group is relocating from Miami to Berkeley County. A new 90,000 square foot distribution facility was built to handle sales, customer service, data processing and warehousing. After recent acquisition by Auto Safety Glass of South Africa, The Sentinel Group chose Cainhoy Park in Berkeley County to relocate its import warehouse to Charleston from Miami. Its parent company, PGSI Group, has its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Scientific Research Corp.

March 17, 1995

Jobs: 200
Investment: $1.0 Million

Electronics & communications systems

Headquartered in Atlanta, SRC is an advanced technology engineering firm providing products ranging from air traffic control radar systems to satellite terminals. New laboratories, prototyping areas and offices will require over 30,000 sq. feet of space.

Nucor Steel

March 9, 1995

Jobs: 600
Investment: $500 Million

Steel manufacturer

Nucor is one of the nation's largest steel producers with more than $1.6 billion in annual sales and ten manufacturing locations across the country. With modern facilities like their new Berkeley County plant, they continue to produce a quality product and maintain profitability in a very competitive market. Parent company Nucor is located in Charlotte, N.C.

Charleston Polymers

February 8, 1995

Jobs: 50
Investment: $4.5 Million

Plastic auto industry parts/products

Charleston Polymers manufactures plastic resins for the plastics industry - thermoform and injection molders. They announced plans to turn a 100,000 square foot North Charleston building into their new production facility.

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