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Location & Expansion Log

Diverse companies – from startups to multinational corporations – continue to relocate and expand existing operations in the Charleston region.

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New, Expanding, and Mergers & Acquisitions


ENRJ, Inc.

December 19, 1996

Jobs: 20
Investment: $1.0 Million

Fuel homogenization systems

A leader in fuel homogenization, ENRJ Inc. is expanding operations in a 4,000 square foot facility. ENRJ serves the maritime industry, chemical companies and the textile and paper mill industries.

Division Five, Inc.

December 18, 1996

Jobs: 25
Investment: $.77 Million

Structural steel fabrication

K-Cast Pattern Ltd.

December 13, 1996

Jobs: 30
Investment: $1.4 Million

Graphite molded product manufacturer

K-Cast Patterns manufactures state-of-the-art graphite molded products commonly used as parts in computers and cash registers. Originally based in Canada, this privately held company, whose annual sales in 1995 reached $5 million, is relocating its manufacturing operations in Berkeley county.

MG Industries, Inc.

November 19, 1996

Jobs: 55
Investment: $37.0 Million

Oxygen, Argon & Nitrogen gas supplier

The largest subsidiary of Messer Greisham Grab H., MG Industries will supply gases, oxygen Argon and nitrogen to Nucor Steel from its new 10-acre plot in Berkeley County. The parent company is Messer Greisheim GmbH headquartered in Malvern, PA.

Marine Terminals of SC, Inc.

November 19, 1996

Jobs: 30
Investment: $5.0 Million

Barge service supplier to Nucor Steel

A sister company of Marine Terminals of Arkansas, Marine Terminals of Charleston will provide barge services for Nucor Steel, handling inboard scrap metal and outboard furnished products.

Charleston Mill Service, Inc.

November 19, 1996

Jobs: 30
Investment: $6.0 Million

Steel slag/metal recovery manufacturer

A subsidiary of Edward C. Leng Company of Detroit, Charleston Mill Service will provide a steel slag/metal plant to service Nucor Steel.

Leader Pumps, Inc.

November 7, 1996

Jobs: 100
Investment: $3.0 Million

Pumps assembly & distribution

Leader Pumps, Inc., a subsidiary of the leading European producer of residential application pumps such as those used for irrigation, flood prevention and drainage, is expanding its first U. S. operations into the region. Initially acting as an assembly and distribution center, the Italian company is expected to expand into manufacturing operations in 1998. It currently holds 38% of the market share in Europe.

AVEBE South Carolina, Inc.

October 21, 1996

Jobs: 30
Investment: $3.0 Million

Potato starch & derivatives manufacturer

Corporate headquarters are located in The Netherlands.

Baucom's Nursery

October 11, 1996

Jobs: 100
Investment: $10.0 Million

Plant nursery & distribution

Baucom’s, ranked as the nation’s third largest grower of floriculture products, announced plans to develop a 37 acre site into production, shipping warehouse and office facilities. They will produce and sell locally as well as to retail operations and garden centers nationwide.

Chemical Lime Company

September 27, 1996

Jobs: 5
Investment: $3.0 Million

Lime processor/distributor

North America’s leading manufacturer of solutions-oriented, lime-based products is building a major processing and distribution terminal to better serve its southeastern customers. The facility will feature the latest in processing and environmental systems. Products scheduled for processing and distribution include both high calcium and dolomitic quicklime, blended, hydrated and slurried products.

Sea Containers America, Inc.

September 26, 1996

Jobs: 140
Investment: $5.0 Million

Specialized container manufacturer

Corporate headquarters are located in New York, NY.

WABCO Compressor Mfg. Co.

August 22, 1996

Jobs: 50
Investment: $20.0 Million

Air compressor manufacturer

DonnKenny Apparel, Inc.

August 7, 1996

Jobs: 100
Investment: $6.0 Million

Apparel distribution center

A major designer, manufacturer and marketer of women’s apparel based in New York City is relocating and consolidating its distribution centers in the Charleston region.

Beneteau USA

July 10, 1996

Jobs: 12
Investment: $0.6 Million

Corporate headquarters, sailboat manufacturer

Beneteau USA is relocating its corporate headquarters from Charlotte to the city of Charleston. A world leader in sailboat manufacturing, Beneteau has been manufacturing sailboats in Marion, SC for 10 years.

Philips Consumer Electronics

June 25, 1996

Jobs: 60
Investment: $1.3 Million

Import and distribution of consumer

Phillips Consumer Electronics is headquartered in Knoxville, KY.

Rapid Granulator, Inc.

April 23, 1996

Jobs: 40
Investment: $2.0 Million

Granulation systems manufacturer

Based in Rockford, Illinois, Rapid Granulator is North America's leading manufacturer of granulation systems for the plastics industry. In developing their new production facility in Goose Creek, the firm plans annual purchases of up to $10 million in parts and services from local vendors.

American Paint Paddle Co.

April 10, 1996

Jobs: 20
Investment: $1.2 Million

Paint stirring paddle manufacturer

American Paint Paddle manufactures and distributes several lines of wooden and custom finished paint stirring paddles. Their renovated 30,000 square foot building in North Charleston will handle production and distribution, and serve as their corporate headquarters.

London Pantry

March 19, 1996

Jobs: 25
Investment: $1.25 Million

Frozen foods manufacturer

London Pantry is a specialty frozen food manufacturer, serving the restaurant industry. They are building a new, 10,000 square foot facility in Moncks Corner to serve customers in the Charleston area.

Mikasa, Inc.

March 12, 1996

Jobs: 250
Investment: $60.0 Million

Household products distribution center

A leading designer, developer and marketer of quality tabletop products, Mikasa is building a new 580,000 square foot distribution center in the city of Charleston, within Berkeley County to serve both domestic and international markets. The move initially brings 250 jobs to the area, and future plans call for an addition 550 positions and another $90-100 million in capital investment.

Interactive Performance, Inc.

February 27, 1996

Jobs: 500
Investment: $4.2 Million

Receivables collection center

After winning an enormous contract to handle customer service and collections for AT&T, Interactive Performance announced plans to lease 50,500 square feet of space in North Charleston for a new corporate headquarters and a regional accounts receivable facility.

APG Lime Corp.

February 27, 1996

Jobs: 25
Investment: $25.0 Million

Chemical lime manufacturer

In a joint venture, the $4.5 billion SCANA Corporation (Columbia, SC) and A.P. Green Industries (Mexico, MO) are building a new industrial lime production facility in Berkeley County. The plant will be the only one of its kind in Georgia, Florida and the Carolinas, and its initial annual capacity of 200,000 tons will help meet demand for lime in markets located in SC, GA, FL and NC.

National Car Rental System, Inc.

January 5, 1996

Jobs: 400
Investment: $10.0 Million

Reservation headquarters

To serve more than 4,000 customer-service locations throughout the world, National announced plans for an international reservation center complex in Goose Creek. The facility will be used to expand and upgrade its world-wide reservation systems.

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