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Location & Expansion Log

Diverse companies – from startups to multinational corporations – continue to relocate and expand existing operations in the Charleston region.

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New, Expanding, and Mergers & Acquisitions


Omega One Corporation, LLC

December 15, 1997

Jobs: 50
Investment: $5.0 Million

Broadband coaxial cable manufacturer

This manufacturer of broadband coaxial cable for telecommunications has established a new headquarters, design and manufacturing facility in the region. A joint venture between Corning Incorporated and Elite Technology Group, it will operate out of a 36,000 square foot facility in Summerville. Omega One was attracted by general growth in cutting edge manufacturing throughout the Charleston region.

Advanced International Building Systems (AIBS)

December 12, 1997

Jobs: 75
Investment: $7.0 Million

Polyethylene sheeting manufacturer

The Charleston Naval Base has attracted yet another new company, Advanced International Building Systems, LLC (AIBS). The company will consolidate a number of inter-related operations under one roof, including the engineering/manufacturing arm of Monarflex, Inc., a Danish maker of high quality polyethylene sheeting. AIBS will fabricate various industrial products using the sheeting. AIBS will also oversee a training and industrial hygiene consulting operation. The company was attracted by the state’s pro-business environment and its efficient workforce.


December 9, 1997

Jobs: 100
Investment: $35.0 Million

Plastics manufacturer

LATI USA has established its first North American manufacturing concern in Dorchester County �“ a major announcement which was made less than a year after the company established its US headquarters in the region. A subsidiary of an Italian-based corporation, LATI compounds plastics for a variety of highly specialized applications. A recognized supporter of arts and culture, LATI was attracted to this region thanks to the port system, quality of life and access to new markets.

Union Corporation

November 18, 1997

Jobs: 12
Investment: $.25 Million

Corporate headquarters

Union Corporation, a publicly-traded corporation selected the Charleston region for their headquarters. From its location in downtown Charleston, Union will oversee its numerous subsidiaries, including Interactive Performance Inc., a North Charleston-based call center contractor. Proximity to customers and a growing business community helped to attract Union.

Santee River Rubber Company

November 10, 1997

Jobs: 110
Investment: $32.0 Million

Tire and rubber recycling

Santee River Rubber Company recently decided to locate its startup recycling business in Berkeley County. The company has developed a proprietary system for converting waste rubber �“ primarily from used tires �“ into material suitable for high quality industrial processes. Santee River Rubber chose Charleston thanks to the state’s growing industrial base and its “forward-thinking” leadership.

Namasco Steel Processing and Distribution Center

November 5, 1997

Jobs: 30
Investment: $7.2 Million

Steel processing and distribution

Charleston’s growing steel industry and solid workforce has attracted Namasco, a steel finishing company which is the newest of companies attracted to the area by the presence of Nucor Steel. Namasco will spur 30 new jobs and $7.2 million in investment into the region.

Engineering Friction Materials, Inc. (EFM)

October 16, 1997

Jobs: 21
Investment: $1.5 Million

Corporate headquarters and warehouse distribution center of friction materials (Summerville - Dorchester Co.)

Engineered Friction Materials, Inc. brought a dual announcement to the region by establishing its headquarters in downtown Charleston and its distribution center in Summerville. EFM markets, sells and distributes friction materials for use in automotive industries and elsewhere. Executives cited the port and the state’s pro-business environment as top attractions.


September 29, 1997

Jobs: 50
Investment: $5.5 Million

Inbound telemarketing services

DialAmerica, the nation’s largest privately held telemarketing service agency opened a state-of-the-art call center in North Charleston. The center will undertake inbound campaigns on behalf of clients in growing market segments such as pharmaceuticals, financial services, telecommunications, software, book and magazine publishing. DialAmerica settled in North Charleston based on the community’s strong economy, steady business growth and rich labor pool.

Corning Incorporated

September 4, 1997

Jobs: 150
Investment: $75.0 Million

Ultra pure high performance glass manufacturer

Corning, a Fortune 500 company, is building a 150,000 sq. foot facility to manufacture an ultra-pure glass for high-performance optical applications, including lens assemblies used in the manufacture of microprocessors. This high-tech facility should be in operation near the end of first quarter 1998.

Bayer Corporation

August 28, 1997

Jobs: 45
Investment: $60.0 Million

Spandex fiber manufacturer

To meet the growing worldwide demand for spandex, Bayer Corporation is significantly expanding it Darlastan spandex production in Germany and the US. Bayer's flagship manufacturing facility in Bushy Park will increase production capacity by over 40%.

Citation TeleServices, Inc.

August 13, 1997

Jobs: 400
Investment: $4.0 Million

Inbound call center

Citation TeleServices, a division of Service Data Corp, will operate a 400-person inbound call center in Summerville, SC. Citation is refitting an existing building to create the call center.

R. Stahl - Material Handling Division

July 10, 1997

Jobs: 15
Investment: $2.0 Million

US headquarters; wire rope, chain hoists and overhead material handling components manufacturer

R. Stahl, one of Germany's leading manufacturers of hoists and other material handling mechanisms, chose to locate its US headquarters and distribution center in North Charleston, SC. The Charleston region was selected because it offered the combined advantages of port access, quality labor and lower costs of operation.


April 22, 1997

Jobs: 200
Investment: $150.0 Million

Steel beam manufacturer

NUCOR Corporation is constructing a new steel mill that will be integrated with an existing mill's melting operations and infrastructure and produce up to 500,000 tons-per-year of wide flange and bantam beams. NUCOR has operating facilities in eight states. Consolidated sales last year exceeded $3.5 billion.

LINQ Industrial Fabrics

April 15, 1997

Jobs: 40
Investment: $8.0 Million

Industrial woven fabrics manufacturer

LINQ Industrial Fabrics, which presently employs 500 in Summerville, is expanding for the third time in three years. This two-part expansion for the worldwide leader in manufacturing industrial use woven fabric will increase the size of its present site by more than 40,000 square feet. LINQ products are used for the bulk transportation of foods, chemical, agricultural and metal products.

Fortifiber Corporation

April 3, 1997

Jobs: 50
Investment: $5.0 Million

Paper packaging material manufacturer

A major manufacturer of paper packaging materials, Fortifiber is building a new production facility in Hanahan to manufacture its newest product, Fortiwrap. Completely recyclable, Fortiwrap protects paper goods during shipment.


March 13, 1997

Jobs: 50
Investment: $50.0 Million

Steel sheet manufacturer

Nucor Corporation, the nation’s second largest steel producer entered the Charleston region in 1995. It is now undergoing a major expansion that includes the addition of a galvanizing production line.

DuPont Cooper River Plant

March 7, 1997

Jobs: 60
Investment: $161.0 Million

Polyester resins manufacturer

The parent company, E.I. DuPont de Nemours, has its US headquarters in Wilmington, DE.


February 10, 1997

Jobs: 10
Investment: $1.0 Million

US Headquarters

LATI Industria Thermoplasici spa, Europe’s leading custom plastic compounder, is establishing a North American headquarters, known as LATI USA, in Mt. Pleasant. Future plans include siting and start-up of manufacturing operations in the Charleston area. LATI will provide specialty plastics for automotive parts and aerospace industries to the U.S. and the world via the Port of Charleston.

Bass Hotels & Resorts (Formerly Holiday Inn Worldwide)

February 6, 1997

Jobs: 500
Investment: $7.6 Million

U.S. reservations center

Bass Hotels & Resorts, formerly Holiday Inn Worldwide, is opening its third U.S. reservations facility in North Charleston. The 40,000 square foot facility will handle reservations and service calls off the 1-800-HOLIDAY line for 2,200 hotels around the globe.

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