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Location & Expansion Log

Diverse companies – from startups to multinational corporations – continue to relocate and expand existing operations in the Charleston region.

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CRDA-Facilitated Projects


Paso Sound Products, Inc.

December 30, 1998

Jobs: 25
Investment: $3.0 Million

Communications equipment assembly, warehousing/distribution & headquarters

Paso Sound Products, a producer of professional audio equipment, commercial sound systems, intercommunication systems and video security systems, has relocated its headquarters and established its new warehouse, distribution and light assembly operation in Charleston County. The company is a component of the electronic Group Divisions of Italy's Butan-Gas SPA Group. The company cited the Port of Charleston as a key reason for relocation to the area.

American Metal & Steel International Corp (AMS)

December 9, 1998

Jobs: 30
Investment: $6.0 Million

Steel pipe manufacturer

AMS is opening its second tube mill plant in Berkeley County on a site adjacent to Nucor Steel. The company manufacturers pipe using Nucor’s steel coils. The pipe is predominantly used in sprinkler systems for use in various kinds of facilities. In addition to the presence of a key supplier, access to customers via the Port of Charleston was a key reason for moving to the region.

Western Star Trucks, Inc.

December 8, 1998

Jobs: 400
Investment: $25.0 Million

Heavy-duty truck manufacturing/assembly

Canada’s Western Star decided to expand to Charleston County’s newly developed Palmetto Commerce Park. Western Star manufactures heavy-duty Class-8 trucks for world markets and expects to produce over 20 trucks a day at their new facility, beginning by fall of 1999. The company trades publicly on the Toronto, Montreal and American stock exchanges.

JM Steel Corporation

November 13, 1998

Jobs: 25
Investment: $9.0 Million

Steel processing

Pittsburgh-based JM Steel Corp., a subsidiary of Frank Calandra Inc., will locate a 88,000 sq. ft. facility near the Nucor Steel plant to produce roof control products, such as steel roof bolts, for the mining industry. This new facility will greatly increase their product delivery flexibility and reduce their costs of materials.

Styner + Bienz US, Inc.

October 27, 1998

Jobs: 20
Investment: $2.2 Million

Metal parts and equipment manufacturer

A world leader in metal stamping and forming technology will bring a new metal parts and equipment manufacturing facility to Dorchester County. The company cited strong market potential as a key reason for the location.

Selden Mast, Inc.

October 6, 1998

Jobs: 20
Investment: $2.0 Million

Mast and rigging for yachting industry

Sweden-based Selden Mast, Inc. will soon operate a manufacturing and marketing division in Dorchester County. The company is a member of The Selden Group, one of the world's leading manufacturers of spar and rigging systems for yachts. Selden Mast selected this region because it fit the company's strategic plan of broadening North American distribution.

Dein Stamping and Machine (DSM)

September 25, 1998

Jobs: 25
Investment: $.25 Million

Metallic and non-metallic stampings

This company will manufacture metallic and non-metallic stampings with punch press capabilities from 15 tons to 350 tons, supplying a wide-range of products for numerous customers. The company will sublease a 15,000 square foot facility from CMMC.

Strand-Tech Martin, Inc.

September 21, 1998

Jobs: 55
Investment: $11.8 Million

Steel strand for concrete reinforcement

Strand Tech is a new venture by three private, European companies who will join forces in a new manufacturing facility in Dorchester County's Eastport Industrial Park. The company will manufacture steel strand for concrete reinforcement, and will serve the pre-stressed concrete industry.

Vickers Aerospace Marine Defense (AMD) Group

August 28, 1998

Jobs: 135
Investment: $18.0 Million

Hydraulic component parts for aerospace industry

High-tech machinist and engineering jobs have been created by Vickers, Inc., a maker of precision-machined metal parts for aerospace systems. The company will utilize a 90,000 square foot building in North Charleston, and will employ 135 workers.

Euromart, Inc.

June 12, 1998

Jobs: 5
Investment: $.25 Million

European household accessories wholesale & distribution

This importer/wholesaler and distribution company moved its base from Rockaway Township, NJ to the City of North Charleston in order to benefit from the region’s strong access to markets. Euromart works to distribute fine European tableware and accessory products in the U.S. market. The Port of Charleston was a key attractor.

Tull Metal Processing

June 10, 1998

Jobs: 25
Investment: $5.0 Million

Steel metal processing

The Southeast’s largest metals distributor, Tull Metals, will build a 60,000 square foot processing facility in Berkeley County, adjacent to the Nucor Steel plant. The facility will house two cut-to-length lines for processing coils of steel for numerous end uses, with particular applications for the high-end market. The company joins a growing steel industry cluster in the region.

Jacobs Applied Technologies, Inc.

May 22, 1998

Jobs: 500
Investment: $18.0 Million

Design and manufacture modular chemical and complex manufacturing facilities

Jacobs Applied Technology (a subsidiary of Jacobs Engineering Group), a manufacturer of modular chemical and complex manufacturing facilities has moved into the former General Dynamics plant near Berkeley County’s Bushy Park. The company chose the site in large part due to its deep-water access, which will allow the company to manufacture and ship larger modular building components and to directly serve a global roster of customers.

Sydney Harbour, Inc.

May 6, 1998

Jobs: 40
Investment: $2.0 Million

Leather goods distributor

This independent licenser of fine Australian leather goods and woven handbags will establish its corporate headquarters, distribution facility and “outlet store” in North Charleston. The company recently relocated to the region from Harrisburg, PA.

Airformed Composites, Inc.

May 6, 1998

Jobs: 45
Investment: $15.0 Million

Disposable super absorbent nonwoven material manufacturer

Airformed Composites Inc. will establish a new manufacturing plant on Berkeley County’s Cainhoy Peninsula, where it will apply high-tech processes to the manufacture of absorbent materials. Their product is used in a range of industries, including personal care products, healthcare and packaging. The company found in Charleston a “near perfect” blend of proximity to customers, port-facilitated access to off-shore markets and a pro-business environment.

Simplified Employment Services Southeast

May 4, 1998

Jobs: 75
Investment: $2.0 Million

Employee administrator; Southeast headquarters

One of the nation’s leading employee administrators has opened a regional headquarters in downtown Charleston to serve the growing Southeastern market. The company currently employs more than 2,000 professionals and services 150 clients in the nation. SES chose Charleston in large part because of its proximity to the fast-growing market of the Carolinas.

National Service Direct, Inc.

April 8, 1998

Jobs: 100
Investment: $1.0 Million

Automated call center

An Atlanta-based provider of call center service has chosen to establish a new call center in North Charleston. Company executives cited the availability of highly productive and effective workers, as well as low business costs, as key factors in their choice to open new operations in the tri-county region. The company's clients include General Electric, PBS, North American Telephone Network and others.

Terranova Forest Products, Inc.

March 23, 1998

Jobs: 50
Investment: $10.0 Million

Pine moldings and millwork

Terranova Forest Products, Inc. (TFP), a global forest products company, will establish a major new reloading and manufacturing facility on Berkeley County’s Cainhoy Peninsula. The maker of fine pine products, whose specialty is “radiata pine finger-jointed mouldings,” cited port facilities as the driving factor behind the decision to move here. TFP is a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Forestal Terranova S.A., a Chilean conglomerate.

Chrome Deposit Corporation

March 6, 1998

Jobs: 20
Investment: $5.0 Million

Chrome plating of steel rollers

An expanding universe of steel-related manufacturing companies grew bigger with the announcement of Chrome Deposit Corporation's intention to open a new operation in Berkeley County. The company plates and textures the rollers used in cold steel processing and in paper-milling machines. Chrome Deposit joins a number of companies attracted to the region by the presence of Nucor Steel.

Raisio Staest

February 25, 1998

Jobs: 20
Investment: $22.0 Million

Plant-based extracts for nutritional purposes

Access to a thriving international port and proximity to paper/pulp facilities helped to attract this Finnish company to Dorchester County’s Eastport Commerce Park. Raisio will build a new, 10,000 square foot plant to produce Benecol(TM), a food additive which effectively blocks the body’s absorption of cholesterol.

F.C.P., Inc.

February 23, 1998

Jobs: 100
Investment: $24.0 Million

Fiber-cement building product manufacturer

This Belgian/Swiss manufacturer of fiber-cement building products is building a major new manufacturing facility in Dorchester County’s Eastport Commerce Park. The company was attracted in large part by the region’s access to raw materials, and to its customers. The new plant will produce Cemplankä, a popular fiber-cement siding whose demand is growing in the Southeast.

Steel Technologies

February 19, 1998

Jobs: 50
Investment: $6.0 Million

Flat rolled steel processor

The presence of existing industry prompted the decision by Steel Technologies to build a new steel processing plant adjacent to Nucor Steel in Berkeley County. This Louisville, KY-based company processes flat-rolled steel for customers in the automotive, appliance and lawn and garden markets. Company officials also indicated strong plans to expand in the near future.

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