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Location & Expansion Log

Diverse companies – from startups to multinational corporations – continue to relocate and expand existing operations in the Charleston region.

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CRDA-Facilitated Projects


CSI (Cambar Software, Inc.)

December 20, 2000

Jobs: 100
Investment: $5.0 Million

Headquarters and software development

CSI (Cambar Software Inc.) announced its plans to develop a five-acre mini-campus off Clements Ferry Road in Berkeley County. The company develops and markets a wide range of distribution and supply chain management solutions, including web-based programs for e-commerce.

Getrag Precision Gear Co. LLC

December 19, 2000

Jobs: 200
Investment: $40.0 Million

Expansion of vehicle timing gears manufacturing operations

Getrag Precision Gear Company LLC, a manufacturer of vehicle timing gears, announced a $40 million expansion of its existing local operation. The company chose to expand in the Charleston region due to reliable, skilled labor and generally favorable business costs.

MVP Group International

December 15, 2000

Jobs: 75
Investment: $5.0 Million

Headquarters and international distribution of candles and stoneware

MVP Group International Inc. is relocating its headquarters and distribution center to Berkeley County from Mayfield, Kentucky. The company manufactures candles and lamps and imports from Asia and South America. Company officials noted that the Port of Charleston played a major role in their decision.

Briggs Plumbing Products

December 13, 2000

Jobs: 90

Headquarters for distribution of faucets and plumbing fixtures

Briggs Plumbing Products, a manufacturer of plumbing fixtures and faucets, announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters to Berkeley County from Tampa, Florida. The company had previously relocated its distribution center to Berkeley County in March, 2000. Key attractions to the region include operating efficiencies and a world-class port.

Giant Cement Holding, Inc.

December 12, 2000

Jobs: 51
Investment: $5.0 Million

Expansion of US headquarters for cement production operations

Giant Cement Holding Inc., a subsidiary of Spain's Cementos Portland, S.A. announced that it will expand its U.S. headquarters operation in Summerville due to the company's strong relationship with the state of South Carolina, the availability of top-notch office space at a reasonable cost and the depth of the local workforce. The company produces and sells portland and masonry cements, lightweight aggregate, and lightweight block.

Mayoruna Limited

October 25, 2000

Jobs: 12
Investment: $1.2 Million

Headquarters for international trading company

Mayoruna Limited, an international trading company, recently established its headquarters in the Ladson area. The company serves as an international matchmaker between manufacturers and retailers. U.S. clients include Eckerd, Piggly Wiggly, Harris Teeter, Wal-Mart, Bi-Lo, Family Dollar, Belk and numerous others. Company co-founder, Ruth Fitzgerald stated that the company chose the Charleston region due to port access, a vibrant economy and an unbelievable lifestyle.


September 7, 2000

Jobs: 25
Investment: $0.75 Million

Manufacture & market satellite earth stations

SMARTech, the newest Jackson and Tull Division, has located to the Charleston region. The company manufactures and markets a state-of-the-art line of satellite earth stations and antennas, which track satellites, spacecraft and launch vehicles. Kevin Davis, Division Director, noted that the company chose the Charleston region because of its strong technical workforce, good access to shipping routes, low manufacturing overhead, and lots of room for expansion.

Saloni Ceramica

August 17, 2000

Ceramic tile warehousing/distribution

Saloni Ceramica, one of Spain's largest tile manufacturers announced the location of its first United States' warehouse and distribution facility in North Charleston. In selecting the Charleston region for its new U.S. facility, the company cited access to an efficient port, a facility with lots of room to grow and a region receptive to new international business. Charleston was also chosen due to its access to residential and commercial tile and flooring centers.

Star Granite Interiors

July 27, 2000

Jobs: 15
Investment: $0.7 Million

Granite cutting and sales operations

Star Granite Interiors, a company that specializes in custom granite work for high-end residential and commercial interiors, has located a new operation in the Macedonia community. The company chose the Charleston region because of the growth of high-end, resort residential areas.

ICON Health & Fitness

July 20, 2000

Jobs: 50
Investment: $5.0 Million

East coast import and distribution center for fitness equipment manufacturer

ICON Health & Fitness, a leading manufacturer and importer of fitness equipment has moved into the area's biggest speculative industrial building. The new facility, which became operational in June expects to employ 50 workers. Ron Jones, ICON's East Coast District Manager stated that the company chose the Charleston region for a number of reasons including the building, the Port of Charleston, and quality of life.

Haarmann & Reimer

July 12, 2000

Jobs: 25
Investment: $58.0 Million

Expansion of aroma chemical operations

Haarmann & Reimer, a Bayer owned world-class manufacturer of aromas and flavors has chosen their Bushy Park location (Cooper River), among other U.S. , European and Mexican sites , as the location for their aroma chemicals expansion.

Robert Bosch Corp-Automotive Group

June 26, 2000

Jobs: 250
Investment: $100.0 Million

Expansion of fuel injection manufacturing operations (common rail pump and rail assemblies)

Bosch, market leader in the automotive parts industry, has expanded for the sixth time in the Charleston region. The company's latest expansion project will manufacture common rail pump and rail assemblies, part of a new diesel fuel-injection system that provides cleaner, more fuel-efficient engines. In announcing this expansion, Bosch noted that the company's investment underscores Bosch's commitment to the Charleston area. CEO Robert Oswald stated, "The reason Bosch expanded in Charleston is simple. We invest in success."

Acme Distribution Centers, Inc.

May 4, 2000

Jobs: 15
Investment: $2.5 Million

General mercantile distribution

Acme Distribution Centers, Inc. is opening a new distribution center in North Charleston. Acme Distribution provides third-party logistic services for more than 400 clients. The North Charleston operation will handle an array of items including computers, health and beauty products and apparel.

SKF Aero Bearing Service Center

April 19, 2000

Jobs: 40
Investment: $4.0 Million

Aircraft engine bearing inspection and re-manufacturing

SKF is establishing an Aero Bearing Service Center in the Charleston region, which will service aeroengine bearings for numerous companies including GE, Pratt-Whitney, United Airlines, KLM, Swissair, S. African Airlines, and more. The company was especially pleased with the depth of the Charleston area's labor and the Special Schools' training package.

Briggs Plumbing Products

March 31, 2000

Jobs: 30
Investment: $5.1 Million

Distribution and warehousing of faucets and plumbing fixtures

Briggs Plumbing Products, a global manufacturer of faucets and plumbing fixtures, is relocating its warehouse and distribution center to the Charleston region. The Port of Charleston is the major reason for the relocation. Briggs branded products include vitreous china and porcelain enameled steel products.

KMC Telecom

March 22, 2000

Jobs: 16
Investment: $12.5 Million

Telecommunications services

KMC Telecom is launching a multimillion dollar fiber optic network which will provide for a variety of services such as business dial tone, high-speed data and DSL Internet access. Founded in 1995, the company offers customers superior alternatives in local telephone and data communication services.


March 15, 2000

Jobs: 80
Investment: $4.0 Million

Corporate headquarters consolidation for North American paper machine clothing manufacturing operations

AstenJohnson designs, manufactures and markets paper machine clothing for all sections of the machines involved with the paper making process. Paper machine clothing is a highly engineered textile fabric installed on paper-making machines to carry the paper stock through each stage of the paper manufacturing process. Approximately 2,000 people are employed by the company in North America.


February 17, 2000

Jobs: 15
Investment: $0.85 Million

Central distribution operation for non-durable goods between North and Latin America

IDEA, a third-party inventory management and logistics provider, has set up shop in the Charleston region after intensive study found this area to provide the best available access between North American and Latin American operations. The company packs and ships American goods to manufacturers in Central America and Mexico.

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