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Diverse companies – from startups to multinational corporations – continue to relocate and expand existing operations in the Charleston region.

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New, Expanding, and Mergers & Acquisitions


ZEB Metals and Glencore

March 20, 2023

Jobs: 28
Investment: $14 Million

Full-service scrap metals recycling company; joint venture with Glencore, a Swiss-based commodities trader and one of the world's largest diversified natural resource companies

ZEB Metals is relocating from Kentucky and establishing its first South Carolina operations in Berkeley County in a joint venture with Glencore, a Swiss-based commodities trader and one of the world's largest diversified natural resource companies. The new facility will process dross and other types of secondary aluminum scrap that would otherwise be destined for a landfill. This is the first secondary re-melt facility of its kind in the Southeast region of the United States. Founded in 2021, ZEB Metals is a buyer and trader of non-ferrous scrap, as well as a recycler of metals other than iron and steel. The company processes metals through shredding, melting, screening and sorting materials while providing full-service metal recycling including industrial clean-up and off-site demolition. Operations are expected to begin by late 2023.

Patten Seed Company

March 15, 2023

Jobs: 40
Investment: $2.2 Million

Corporate headquarters for one of the largest turfgrass producers in the southeastern U.S.

Expanding its South Carolina footprint, Patten Seed Company will relocate its corporate headquarters from Lakeland, Georgia, to an existing facility at 22 Westedge Street in Charleston. The new headquarters will centralize the company's senior management team and create a marketing and technology hub. Additionally, the relocation, which is central to Patten Seed Company's current Southeast operations, positions the company to take advantage of the area's robust talent pool as it transitions from an agriculture-centered company to a vertically-integrated industry leader.


January 10, 2023

Jobs: 59
Investment: $49.9 Million

Cold storage warehousing and logistics

Located on Patriot Boulevard in North Charleston, FlexCold's Dorchester County facility is its first cold storage location in South Carolina and second facility in the United States. The new operations will include a highly modern, cold food storage facility to accommodate a diverse customer base with a focus on receiving a substantial amount of imported goods. "We are thrilled to be expanding our footprint by establishing operations within a modern cold storage facility strategically located close to the Port of Charleston," said co-founder Jeff Manno. Operationally, FlexCold will provide import and export services, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration inspections, labeling and repacking, and cross-docking services. Operations are expected to be online by late summer 2024.

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