2022 Biotechnology International Organization (BIO) Convention


July 7, 2022
By Michael J. Graney, Vice President, Global Business Development

I attended the Biotechnology International Organization (BIO) Convention in June. I was part of Team SC, organized by SCBIO, South Carolina’s life science industry association. This was the first BIO convention in three years. They skipped 2020 and 2021 due to Covid. Attendance was down from their events in the previous decade, but it is still the most robust global event in this industry.

I talked to executives with several companies. I noted an interest from California firms to establish a presence on the east coast. They initially think Boston, then Raleigh, but Charleston is generating attention. My most encouraging takeaway was listening to executives from major multinational firms (household names), who are aware of the life science activity taking place in Charleston. They may be tracking early-stage firms, contemplating research partnerships with MUSC, or planning an initial presence here to be aware of opportunities.

I picked up one good project lead – a California firm looking to replicate its R&D and manufacturing activity on the east coast. I reconnected with executives from a project that has established research partnerships with MUSC and may be ready for more.

Kudos to James Chappell (SCBIO), Herbert Drayton (Hi Mark Capital), Angelyn Smith (SC Power Team), Steve Johnson (SCRA) and the rest of Team SC for collaboration and support during the event.


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