By: Michael Graney

Thank you for checking out our team’s initial blogs. We encourage you to come back because we’ll be providing frequent updates on our activities to promote Charleston | SC | USA as a globally competitive business destination. But first, let me introduce our team.


Becky Ford 2014 -PR

Becky Ford is our senior Director. A five-year CRDA veteran, Becky has been in Charleston for 20+ years. She recently landed two projects, Senior Aerospace and Impresa. She spends most of her time focused on the aerospace sector.

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Jenna Edwards

Jenna Edwards is our second Director. Jenna is a recent hire; she joined us in August following a stint at a D.C. consulting firm where she advised global clients in the aerospace and defense industries about U.S. market entry tactics. Jenna has already represented us in New York, Chicago, southern California and Germany. She will be developing her prospect portfolio in various industries.

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Katie Holba

Katie Holba is the team Coordinator. Another recent hire, she joined the team in July following the completion of her course work towards her Masters Degree in Economics at Clemson University. Katie organizes visits to Charleston by companies and consultants interested in the region, and supports our business development missions around the world.

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Jacki Renegar

Jacki Renegar is our Research Analyst. Jacki has provided research support to CRDA for many years from her post at the Center for Business Research. Now she is spending half her time at CRDA, and adding even more to our team’s expertise.

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Mike Graney

I am the team Vice President. I’m proud to work with my colleagues, and I think you will be impressed by what you read and hear about our activities and missions in the coming months and years. Stay tuned. Follow me on LinkedIn

Michael J. Graney
Vice President, Global Business Development
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