GIC Interview: Allison Skipper

What do you do?
I am the public relations associate at the South Carolina State Ports Authority, meaning I wear a lot of different hats (sometimes even a hard hat!), doing everything from writing to event planning and general community relations.

What are you liking right now?
I am liking all the attention on Charleston right now. We recently hosted the Democratic Presidential debate, and NBC and CBS just profiled the city on their nationwide morning shows.

What inspires you?
Knowing that your actions may make a difference in others’ lives is inspiring.

What’s the best thing about Charleston?
It’s truly hard to narrow it down to one best thing! The beaches, the people, the nightlife, the shopping – Charleston has everything someone could ever want.

pineapplefountain_jpg4.jpgWhat three things would you tell a friend to do/see in Charleston?
(1) swing and relax at the pier at Waterfront Park on a calm day (photo by Marvin Preston on left)
(2) visit during a festival, and there are many! Spoleto, Food + Wine, Wildlife – there is a festival for anyone’s interest!
(3) stroll down King Street and window shop – there are some great stores and boutiques

How did you land here in Charleston?
I was drawn to Charleston because I am born and raised a Carolina girl (from Lexington, SC)! It is a gorgeous city steeped in history but forward-moving enough for a young professional.

If you ran the region for a day, what would you do?
I would really focus on reforming public education in Charleston. The graduation rate for kids is way too low, and our region must have an educated, ready work force to remain competitive in a global market.

Finish this sentence….In 2015 Charleston will be_________?
Still deeply rooted in its identity and history, but more advanced and forward thinking. Look at all the industry that is cropping up in the area already. And Joe Riley will still be mayor, I would guess!

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