Boston at home in Charleston

August 14, 2019

By Mike Graney

I moved to Charleston from Massachusetts five years ago. While I never lived in Boston, I visited hundreds of times. One of my big questions when I moved was whether I could bridge the North-South cultural divide? Of course, there was the requisite teasing about different accents, but what I found was similar, familiar, and welcoming.

Many Boston neighborhoods – Back Bay, Beacon Hill, North End, Southie, even Charlestown – look like Charleston. County, city, neighborhood and street names recur in both places.

So why does this matter? I believe our historic similarities can spawn 21st Century business relationships and opportunities. Boston has fantastic life science, IT, and entrepreneurial ecosystems. Charleston has a story to tell about our nascent growth in these clusters and can learn from Boston’s success. Charleston can be an excellent location for Boston-based companies looking to expand.

Charleston offers an impressive talent pool and is a proven “talent magnet.” Boston is a source of some of our incoming talent, in addition to the talent graduating from our universities and technical schools. Three direct CHS-BOS round trip flights run daily, soon to be four. Our cost structure is lower. Our pro-business attitude adds incentive for Boston firms to consider us. Our lifestyle is complementary to Boston’s…and warmer – see you at the beach in January!

I will be in Boston twice in September, joined by colleagues from CRDA, the Medical University of South Carolina, SC BIO, Charleston County, and South Carolina Research Authority as we sponsor events and participate in Biotech Week Boston from September 10-12 and The Medtech Conference powered by Adva Med on September 22-25.

We welcome the chance to talk to our Boston friends. You will discover, as I did, Charleston’s charm will make you feel at home and our business opportunities are compelling.

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