Carrotmob- Supporting Local Businesses

Heard of the Carrotmob, but want to know more? Check out the newly released video below to learn about how they work, their first project with Queen Street Grocery and more!

According to the Carrotmob blog, “Carrotmob is a way for anyone to make a real difference with the environment by buying ordinary things in a targeted way. Carrotmob organizes people who care about the environment to use their buying power to negotiate with businesses.Carrotmob is a network of thousands of organized consumers who buy products in order to reward businesses that are making the most socially responsible decisions.”

How it works:
In March 2009, Green Drinks Charleston contacted a dozen or so locally owned corner markets and groceries with a simple idea: think about what sustainability means to your business, your bottom line, and how it can save you money in the long term. The businesses were asked to determine a percentage of their one-day sales that they were willing to reinvest in their business towards energy efficiency – through simple cost-effective retrofits such as insulation, moisture barriers, and LED lighting. The Carrotmob would show up – and the extra revenues would offset the changes. Simply put, the business that made the greatest commitment would win, and we would mobilize hundreds of Carrotmob consumers to impact the change directly. 

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charleston carrotmob represent. from Justin Nathanson on Vimeo.

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