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Charleston Deal Alliance Launches

By Mike Graney
March 16, 2020

On February 20, more than 100 people braved the rainiest day in recent memory to attend the launch of the Charleston Deal Alliance. The Deal Alliance was formed to bring the Charleston deal community together and raise the profile of this market as a place to close deals.

What kinds of deals? Attendees included angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity funds, investment bankers, corporate attorneys, M&A pros, commercial bankers, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, economic developers, and probably a few more … The amount and diversity of deal professionals in Charleston may not be widely known yet, but it’s about to be.

Many, if not most, of the attendees are new to Charleston, bringing their expertise and their Boston, New York, DC, Chicago, and West Coast connections with them. This opens up possibilities for Charleston firms to finance or represent companies in hot markets around the U.S., and for companies in those markets to consider Charleston for financing and a business location.

To paraphrase Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA)’s mission, “We attract the world’s best companies, talent and entrepreneurs.” Since we now have a more expansive and vibrant collection of financing entities, our capacity to find financing for a bigger variety of projects is enhanced. And our capacity to win more projects is enhanced – a classic ‘Win Win’ for our community.

To find out more about how CDA members can provide financing for your venture or corporate growth or to find out how CRDA can assist in helping your company open a facility in Charleston, please contact me at [email protected].

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