Charleston’s Coolest Offices


Inc. recently released its fifth annual “World’s Coolest Offices” list. This inspired us to highlight some of Charleston’s great creative spaces, particularly from our fast-growing tech and creative economy sector.

  • Fuzzco, a graphic and web design company, worked with architect David Thompson, the mastermind behind several of Charleston’s top restaurants, to design its clean, minimalist office space—think walls covered in unpainted plywood and a ceiling made of garage-style pegboards. Other unique touches include a rotary phone, taxidermy pieces, and a glass-encased live beehive installed in a corner of the office by Bee Cause, a Fuzzco client.
  • BoomTown a web-based software firm for real estate professionals, is located in a renovated grocery store in downtown Charleston. The office keeps it casual with several lounge areas, indoor and outdoor showers for those who enjoy exercising during work breaks, a back patio, a dog park and a complimentary bar with a rotating selection of beers on tap.
  • Local Works co-working space created by non-profit organization Lowcountry Local First, seeks to provide an office where entrepreneurs can collaborate and co-create with other local business owners. True to its name, everything in the Local Works office is locally handcrafted—from recycled glass countertops, reclaimed wood conference tables and handcrafted desks.
  • Greystar real estate company, recently redesigned its new headquarters in one of Charleston’s first high-rises. While the views showcase historic neighborhood rooftops, its interior is sleek and modern—with steel-and-glass partitions from the floor to the ceiling and carpeted steps to keep foot traffic noise to a minimum.
  • SIB Development & Consulting,  a firm specializing in fixed, monthly cost reduction for businesses, operates in a renovated car dealership garage equip with an electric car charging station and an office dog park. Aside from the cool features, SIB offers unique perks—such as daily lunches by Charleston-based chefs and a $50,000 lump-sum bonus for staying with the company for at least five years.

Here’s to all the Charleston innovators using design best practices to foster creativity, collaboration, and a sense of community. Just another reason Charleston is a world class destination for business, talent and entrepreneurs.


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