Charleston’s Reality Check

Just a quick note to say how inspiring it was Monday to watch community leaders meet under one roof to help establish a framework for the region’s future. I’m talking elected officials, developers, conservationists and business executives… more than 150 participated in Charleston’s Reality Check, which was put on by the Urban Land Institute.

boardgame_small.jpgThe goal of the game was to use legos to plot growth in the tri-county area, focusing on infrastructure, population/household growth, commute times and affordable housing. So many of the participants with their own formulated opinions, yet by the end of the day all were committed to core values:

“the desire to maintain green space; the need for sustainable communities where people can work, live and play without long commutes; the demand for a public transportation system like a light rail to connect outlying areas to Charleston; and the high-priority need to redevelop blighted urban areas and establish affordable housing.”

Charleston is in good hands… and if these leaders hold up to even a small portion of their commitment to the cause, Charleston will only continue to thrive and prosper.

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