GIC Interview: Don Sparks


This week’s GetInspired interviewee is Don Sparks, Professor of Economics at The Citadel and a long-time and very effective bicycle advocate. Read Don’s thoughts on living, working and playing in our fair city.

What do you do?
I am a professor of economics at the Citadel and a bicycle advocate.

What are you liking right now?
I really enjoy cycling over the new Cooper River Bridge, having lunch in Mt P and return. Makes for a nice lunch!

What inspires you?
Creative and dynamic friends here in Charleston.

What’s the best thing about Charleston?
See above.

What three things would you tell a friend to do/see in Charleston?
Visit Magnolia Cemetery; Take a slow bike ride around the city; do anything on the water.

How did you land here in Charleston?
Left DC in 1982 because it was getting too crowded, expensive and wanted a slower pace to raise our daughter.

If you ran the region for a day, what would you do?
Abolish all one way streets, replace most traffic lights with 4 way stops, get all utility lines underground, make King St, George St and Market area all pedestrian only, declare the port a nuclear free zone, establish clothing optional areas in Marion Square, raise taxes to pay for all this and, well that’s a start!

Finish this sentence….In 2015 Charleston will be _______?
The bicycle capital of the southeast.

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