GIC Interview: Jonathan Sanchez


This week we catch up with Jonathan Sanchez, owner of Blue Bicycle Books (a Charleston gem that sells new used, rare and local books) and an inspired writer/poet/performer. Read what Jonathan has to say about living, working and playing around Charleston (you can also learn more about Johnathan on his website).

What do you do?
I’m a writer and bookstore owner.

What are you liking right now?
Swimming – the ocean is flatter this time of year. And my favorite pool, MLK, is nice and cool.

What inspires you?
Tina Fey, Larry David, Scott Fitzgerald. Coming up with stuff to make my wife laugh.

What’s the best thing about Charleston?
Other than the inherent old-school charm and strangeness, I’d say top-notch novelists and graphic designers. Seriously though, they are two areas where we hold our own with any other place. (And if I were a woman I would have to throw in our weddings/parties.)

What three things would you tell a friend to do/see in Charleston?
1. East Battery.
2. Go to an oyster roast. Or at least hit one of the soul-food dives the Lee Brothers are always talking about.
3. Go to a used book store.

How did you land here in Charleston?
I’m from Charlotte. I got a job as an obit clerk at the Post and Courier.

If you ran the region for a day, what would you do?
Integrate the schools.

Finish this sentence…In 2015 Charleston will be…
Hotter, unfortunately. But on a more optimistic note…two hours from Charlotte on high-speed rail.

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