Goose Creek Native Brings Software Co. “Home”

Charleston's newiest software company, Fanzter, creates apps for iPhones and iPads

Aaron LaBerge grew up in Goose Creek, pursued an exciting career in software development (notably with ESPN’s online brands), felt the entrepreneurial itch and launched Fanzter, a suite of online products and apps for the iPhone and iPad. Now, Connecticut’s loss (a tax change sent LaBerge looking for a new company HQ) is the Digital Corridor’s gain. The company and its eight employees have set up shop in downtown Charleston’s Flagship2 business incubator.

“To me, it [Charleston] feels like Austin, Texas, did six or seven years ago,” said LaBerge.

Charleston Flagship and Flagship2 business incubators offer high-tech and creative-industry flexible leases, and a dynamic environment in which to grow their firms.


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