Internationally Recognized Charleston-Native Returns to Create Mural

citybeat.comTo many people, Shepard Fairey is the guy that designed the 2008 Obama HOPE poster (left). This poster was used widely by Obama supporters during the 2008 presidential election, which eventually led him to be sued over appropriate use of the AP photograph it was derived from. Charlestonians have known Fairey's work for years, beginning with his "Obey Giant (Andre the Giant)" sticker campaign in 1989.

The art-major-turned-graffiti-artist-turned-mainstream-artist returned to Charleston recently to create a mural at Eye Level Art, and took the time to chat with the Charleston City Paper. Fairey tells City Paper about the piece:

During a recent visit with his family, who lives in the area, Fairey heeded the request of Eye Level proprietor Mike Elder and added one of his signature pieces to the outside of the Spring Street gallery. The work was legal and highly encouraged by Eye Level’s staff.

After beginning in the late afternoon, Fairey completed a wheatpasted “Mujer Fatal” mural, an original design from 2007, on the old warehouse by dusk. The artist used screen-printed squares of his posters as tiles for the mural, layering one on top of the other to give the work depth and texture.

Fairey has designed artwork for album covers, books, movie posters, magazine covers and more. He also moonlights as a DJ,and is currently working on a street art show for the 2013 Spoleto Festival.

Check out the new mural at 103 Spring St.!

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