It’s soccer with a twist

Ever heard of Socci before? With a collective mix of skills found mostly in soccer, basketball and hackysack, Socci is now played as an individual fitness activity, social game and a competitive sport.

Without going into major details regarding how to play it (one can find that on their website,, what’s interesting is that this game was created right here in the lowcountry. It’s inventor, Yani Dilling, attended Wando High School in Mount Pleasant. Now the sport is receiving national recognition and is used by Olympic Soccer Development Programs and YMCA’s across America as an ultimate soccer training game. I’m thinking if instructors picked this game up more broadly in K-12 schools across the country then students would not only gain mental and physical skills but they would also be able to compete more globally in sports like soccer… the world’s most popular sport.

Local residents and Charleston Battery players can be found playing in Marion Square downtown and on area beaches. Check it out and jump in if you ever catch them in the act. Here’s a sneak peak at the game:

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