Key Takeaways From CRDA’s 2022 Global Connectivity Snapshot

June 7, 2022

By Lynn Demos

Did you know that CRDA produces an annual Global Connectivity Snapshot? Here are a few highlights from this year’s snapshot:

  • The Port of Charleston continues to connect Charleston to the world.
    • In 2021, $73 billion in goods was traded via SC Ports, with over half taking place with Northern Europe and Northeast Asia. All of this activity directly benefits regional residents: over 28,000 local jobs rely on trade via the Port of Charleston.
  • Charleston is home to a diverse population.
    • 8% of Charleston’s population is international, with over 54,000 foreign-born residents in the region. With such a diverse population, it’s no surprise the Charleston region is home to over 60 international cultural and religious organizations!
  • South Carolina consistently attracts more jobs through foreign investment than most states.
    • With over 1,200 foreign-owned businesses from 40 countries, South Carolina regularly gets attention from international companies. That’s why South Carolina has ranked among the top three states in the United States for attracting international jobs since 2011.

Here in Charleston, our economy benefits from a thriving international business community. That’s why CRDA’s Global Business Development team routinely travels to countries like Germany and the UK and regularly hosts international delegations.

Ready to learn more about Charleston’s international ties? Check out this year’s snapshot, or contact Lynn Demos to get connected to a member of CRDA’s Global Business Development or Marketing teams.

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