LA Times Knows Charleston is a ‘Food Lovers Paradise’

I’m not sure Los Angeles Times writer Jessica Garrison realized what she was getting herself into when she signed up for a trip to eat her way through Charleston. Her article, Charleston, SC, A Food Lover’s Paradise, refers to the pains of overindulgence and gluttony. Charleston has plenty of culinary accolades to boast, but you really do have to plan your attack to make sure your stomach can keep up with your appetite!

She writes a lengths about her worries when venturing outside of her comfort zone (or so she thinks) to the highly recommended Po Pigs BBQ on Edisto Island. She describes the “cafeteria looking buffet” saying, “tray after tray of things I had only read about in books or seen in movies: chicken stew, pork hash, red rice, lima beans, and yes, of course, hush puppies. Now, I realize these are not rare foods. Anyone who has spent even five minutes in the South — I had not before this trip —has eaten them.” She left Po Pigs having eaten “perfectly prepared fried chicken” and raved about the desserts.

She also dined at FIG and Hominy Grill and concluded her article by saying, “As we drove away, we felt some regret that our overindulgence had prevented us from touring more of the city.”

I guess if she came to eat, that’s not a bad thing!

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