Local Summerville Author Presents New Ghostly Book

Halloween may be behind us, but there’s plenty to shiver about year-round in these parts, according to Bruce Orr’s new book, Haunted Summerville. This collection details more than a dozen spirits, including one who haunts the Whole House on East Doty Avenue. Also noted: local pub, Montreaux’s resident ghost, “Monty.” And don’t miss Orr’s own encounter with the “Summerville Light”, an eerie glow known to appear alongside old, deserted railroad tracks.


Summerville has its share of local "haints."


Haunted Summerville is Orr’s third book, following two other successful novels with a local twist; Six Miles to Charleston (SC): The True Story of John and Lavinia Fisher and Ghosts of Berkeley County, South Carolina. Orr is currently working on a television pilot focusing on the legends of the Lowcountry. In his spare time, he explores historic Lowcountry wrecks are rumored to be haunted.

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