A South Carolina Sawmill Part Maker Lands a $2.5M Machine. Will Workers be Ready to Operate It?

HR Dive
August 10, 2021

A few miles east exiting southbound from Interstate 95, there is a large hole in the ground. Figuratively speaking, the land’s owners are about to throw a couple million dollars into it.

Workers in yellow vests drill, hammer and pour the foundations of the object purchased with a $2.5 million investment: the Correa Axia-70, a milling machine that will begin operating in September, according to BID Group. The Canada-based conglomerate has its U.S. headquarters here in the Palmetto State, and just down the road, it operates a sawmill part manufacturing plant that will house the new equipment.

But like many manufacturers this summer, the difficult part is finding the workers who will help the company take advantage of that investment.

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