Citibot Web Chat relieves comms staff in Williamsburg, VA

Smart Cities Dive
July 29, 2020

s the son of former Charleston, SC Mayor Joseph Riley, who served 10 terms over 40 years, Citibot CEO Bratton Riley was raised with an awareness of the challenges of public-facing government work.

In 2017, Citibot developed its original text-based services with a specific focus on bringing automated communication capabilities to local governments. Now with the addition of Web Chat, users will be able to navigate government websites that are “rich with content,” Riley said in a statement.

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To connect with Charleston County, text “hello” to 843.800.4121

To connect with the City of Charleston, text “hello” to 833-990-2427

To connect with the City of North Charleston, text “hello” to 833-532-0077

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