Editorial: The jobs are nice, but Boeing’s Dreamliner decision means more for SC

The Post and Courier
October 8, 2020

One political analyst described it as the “political equivalent of the Gamecocks defeating Florida, Alabama and Southern Cal in one season” when Boeing announced in 2009 that it would build its second 787 Dreamliner production line in North Charleston rather than expanding its operations in Washington state.

It was a big shock, and many saw it as an even bigger gamble for the company. Boeing was just looking for cheap land and cheaper labor, critics said, and it had found both in one of the most anti-union states in the nation. South Carolinians might be able to build cars, they said, but what do they know about anything so sophisticated as airplanes, with all their aerodynamic intricacies?

Of course Boeing knew what South Carolina workers were capable of, and in the 11 years since establishing Boeing South Carolina here, we’ve demonstrated that the company made the right decision.

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