FOCUS: One Region targets infrastructure, education, housing

Charleston Currents
Kyra Morris
July 5, 2016

The Charleston area is our home.  This area includes Charleston County, Berkeley County and Dorchester County.  It’s changing, and it’s happening quickly.  The passive approach is to sit back and simply marvel, or perhaps we can complain at the increase in traffic with poor road conditions, the high cost of housing and the quality of our educational system.  The active approach is to get involved.

The Charleston Regional Development Alliance (CRDA) and the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce (CMCC) joined together to form a collaborative initiative.  The purpose is to create a multi-fibered think tank representing the public sector, private sector, nonprofit and educational organizations within our region to further enhance and sustain our economy while maintaining the quality of life we all cherish.  They call this initiative One Region: A Global Competitive Strategy.

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