KMC Telecom opens for business in Charleston with state-of-the-art local voice and data services

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March 1, 2000

CHARLESTON, SC – KMC Telecom, a leading provider of competitive local telecommunications services, opened for business today in Charleston, launching a new multimillion dollar fiber optic network, and introducing a new era of competition that will deliver choice, innovation, savings and simplicity to business customers. The company is promoting its arrival in Charleston with a major advertising campaign – “KMC The 1” – emphasizing its ability to be the single provider for all local and long distance voice, data and Internet services.

KMC is heralding its arrival in Charleston with a Grand Opening Celebration at the Riviera Theater at Charleston Place, 227 King Street (between Hassell Street and Market Street) today from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Special guests include the Honorable Joseph Riley, Mayor of Charleston; Elton Carrier, Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Vice President of First Federal; and Tricia Breckenridge, KMC Telecom’s Executive Vice President – Business Development.

Using its advanced fiber optic network and all-digital network switching facilities, KMC will be “The 1” provider for a variety of services such as business dial tone, high-speed data and DSL Internet access. At the same time, KMC’s arrival in Charleston points to an exciting future where customers will be able to use a range of emerging applications including “Voice over IP” – the ability to place and receive voice calls over the Internet.

“We want to bring our customers in smaller cities around the country all the sophisticated services available in larger metropolitan areas,” said Amy Kilborn, City Director for KMC Telecom in Charleston. “KMC Telecom is using leading-edge, cost-effective technology, backed by the finest service and support.”

KMC is launching the advanced networks and services in 11 new markets in the first quarter of 2000.

Officials of the Charleston Regional Development Alliance noted that they were pleased and proud to be an integral part of the company’s aggressive expansion plans. The Alliance represents a tri-county consortium of economic development interests devoted to helping diversify and strengthen the region’s economy.

KMC’s new operations will include interests in both North Charleston and Charleston. “We welcome KMC and the future-oriented services it brings,” said Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. of Charleston. “This entire region will benefit from the investment of this company.”

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey echoed that welcome, noting that the entrepreneurial spirit of a company like KMC will find a good fit in the region. “We encourage creative thinking and technology-intensive investments as we poise this city and this region for the future,” he said.

“By providing new voice, data and Internet services to our state’s smaller cities and towns, KMC Telecom will bridge the digital divide between businesses with access to technology and those that do not,” said Secretary of Commerce Charles S. Way, Jr. “KMC Telecom’s decision to target smaller cities and towns demonstrates their desire to make our less developed areas more competitive for economic recruitment.”

KMC’s expansion is driven by its own combination of advanced circuit switches and “fast packet” switches developed by Lucent Technologies Lucent’s 5ES-2000 switch, the industry standard in local voice communications, will support the needs of customers that require or prefer traditional circuit-switched solutions. Lucent’s new family of “fast packet” switches – including the 7R/E * Packet Solution, the PathStar* Access Server and Stinger* DSL switch – sets the stage for a range of next generation packet-based services such as Voice over IP, and even Voice over DSL.

“We aim to meet customers’ requirements today, and to have the diverse networking capabilities to serve future needs,” said Kilborn. “By combining the best technologies available on the market and offering customers both circuit and packet solutions, we can deliver leading-edge business solutions that evolve with our customers’ businesses.”

KMC Telecom’s presence in Charleston can bring numerous advantages to the marketplace. Advanced networks typically act as a magnet that attracts more businesses, stimulating economic growth and development. In addition, KMC Telecom invests in the community in other key ways, hiring local people to staff sales, operations and customer service. The combined investment in advanced services and people is embodied in the company’s motto “creative solutions with a hometown touch.”

KMC Telecom Holdings, Inc., a privately owned facilities-based competitive local exchange carrier, operates state-of-the-art local fiber optic networks in 34 markets throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and South, and will enter three more markets in the first quarter of 2000. Founded in 1995, the company offers customers superior alternatives in local telephone and data communication services. For more information, call Crawford Public Relations at 703-318-5460 or visit our Web site at

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