MUSC team releases plans for 3D printed masks

The Medical University of South Carolina
March 26, 2020

With the threat of a shortage of protective masks looming as the novel coronavirus pandemic grows, Medical University of South Carolina biomedical engineers and tinkerers had an inspired idea: unleash an army of makers from across the U.S. who could make such masks from 3D printers – a technology that, in recent years, has become widely available.

“High schools have a printer capable of making this,” said Michael Yost, Ph.D., vice chairman of research in the Department of Surgery. “Let’s make this so simple that a high schooler could do it, yet effective to protect our people.”

In a matter of days, a team came together and developed the Self-Assembly Filtration for Emergencies, or SAFE, Cartridge System. The system could be used by medical professionals or by people who just need to go to the grocery store.

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